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Agricultural Tractors

Tractors are slow moving vehicles that provide good traction in almost any condition or environment. Tractors are generally used as agricultural, farming or construction equipment to either tow or carry heavy machinery or equipment. The most common use for a tractor is in farming where agricultural equipment is either towed behind or mounted on the tractor.

Tractors were originally steam powered and used in tandem to pull an attached plow through fields. The word tractor is derived from the Latin 'trahere' which is the noun 'to pull'. There are several types of tractors: the engineering tractor, the compact utility tractor, the garden tractor and the EPA tractor.

Today the tractor has as many shapes and sizes as it does uses. While the main use is still in agriculture and farming, there are versions for gardening, construction, demolition and a wide array of other uses.

Tractors are manufactured by a number of companies both domestic and international. From Abati in Argentina to ZTS in Slovak. While John Deere may be the best known company here in the USA, companies like Massey Ferguson, JCB, Mitsubishi and Kubota have been making tractors for nearly as long.

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