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A mower is a machine for cutting lawns, crops or plants that grow on the ground. A lawn mower is a smaller mower that is used to cut lawns or small fields. A grounds mower is larger and is usually self powered or just small enough to be pushed manually. Grounds mowers are used to cut larger fields, such as parks or cemeteries. Grounds mowers have rotary or reel cutters.

Larger mowers are used to cut hay or other crops and place the cut material into rows, which are referred to as windrows. These mowers are usually called windrowers or mower-conditioners. Larger mowers can be powered by tractors or draft animals.

Other mowers include Boom or side-arm mowers, Sickle mowers, which are also known as reciprocating mowers, bar mowers, or finger-bar mowers and Rotary mowers, also know as Drum mowers. Reel mowers, also called Cylinder mowers, and Flail mowers are other types of existing mowers.

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