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Flatbed & Stakebed Trucks

Flatbed or stakebed trucks are a type of motorized vehicle frequently used to transporting goods and materials. Although trucks may vary in size from small passenger type vehicles to the large heavy duty fire engine truck, flatbed or stakebed tend to be of the larger commercial size truck. The truck bed of a flatbed or stakebed truck as one might imagine has been modified to provide a large flat surface.

Flatbed or stakebed trucks are very useful when transporting material or equipment that is quite large and is not susceptible to weather exposure. The modified bed of the flatbed or stakebed truck allow for the easy placement of large amount of materials or bulking equipment that might not easily fit in an conventional truck bed or a trailer.

Flatbed or stakebed trucks typically start off as standard heavy duty trucks with reinforced transmissions and suspensions. There are many heavy duty or commercial truck manufacturers in the world, but predominantly in the US they are made by GMC and Ford.

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